Wall Switch for Smart Relays

One step closer to the supreme smart home experience

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Stylish, smart, convenient!

Designed to facilitate your specific automation needs and developed with the smallest details in mind, you can now create a custom wall switch for your Shelly relays, and save on space and money!

No additional wiring needed, and no need to change yours or your family’s habits! Shelly Wall Switch for Smart Relays can work as a normal manual wall switch, as well as be controlled through your home automation system.

The wall switch you've been waiting for!


Fits everywhere!

With compact dimensions and simple wiring, Shelly Wall Switch for Smart Relays can fit into any existing switch console or even the tiniest spaces. No expansion of the wall space or any changes in the wiring needed!

Customizable according to your needs

Each Shelly Wall Switch for Smart Relays comes with corresponding relay holders. You can choose the relay holder that you need to fulfill your automation project.

Relay (sold separately)
Relay holder
Switch buttons
Switch frame
Frame Plate

One button


Two buttons

2-way On/Off
Roller Shutters control
Scene activation

Four buttons

Scene activation
4-way On/Off
2 Dimmers
2 Roller Shutters control

Contemporary design

Perfectly compliments your home interior in a color of your choice!

Fast and easy wiring

Install your custom Shelly Wall Switch for Smart Relays in no time!

Wiring diagrams