Shelly 1PM Use Cases

Roller shutter/blinds/tents/awnings/garage doors/ barriers

Often you are in a rush when heading to work, and you want to get there as quickly as possible, or maybe you forgot to close the garage? With Shelly 2.5, you can avoid this, and when going out from home, open and close your garage door with a single tap, or even with your voice. Controlling roller shutters, garage doors, barriers, or any bi-directional motor has never been easier.

Power monitoring

Have comfort at home without using excess energy. With Shelly 2.5, you control your heating or air conditioning while optimizing energy usage with up to 30%. It has integrated precise power metering that lets you measure and be aware of the overall consumption of all the electric appliances. Now you will know if the coffee machine is bumping up your electricity bills, while you are away.

Overheating protection

Overheating is one of the most common problems of loaded electrical devices. When you are away from home, you often leave appliances like your water heater and dishwasher to work. To not worry about fire hazards at home, use Shelly 2.5. With its internal temperature sensor, the device will turn off the circuit if the temperature goes above a dangerous level.

Dual switch

You are getting ready for bed, but start thinking if you have switched off the lights in the kitchen and living room? What about the lights in your hallway? Avoid this and control two independent circuits with one device. Simply place Shelly 2.5 behind the wall switch to control the lighting of two separate lamps. They might be in the same or in different rooms.

Overpower protection

Have you ever placed too many holiday lights, switched on the vacuum cleaner and turned on your heater at the same time, then your lights start dimming and buzzing? Or the switches are warm to the touch? To stay safe and avoid fire hazards due to circuit overloads, install Shelly 2.5, and manage your electricity usage. The device will turn off the circuit immediately if it detects a consumption higher than the predefined one.