Shelly 1

Our best seller

Shelly 1PM

Control any electrical appliance and measure its consumption

Shelly 2.5

Manage 2 independent circuits with 1 device

Shelly RGBW2

Make your LED strips smart!

Shelly Dimmer 2

Dim with no neutral line

Shelly i3

Up to 24 actions and 3 inputs

Shelly EM

Effortlessly save energy at home

Shelly 3EM

Professional 3-phase energy meter

Shelly Plug

The Wi-Fi smart plug

Shelly Plug S

The Wi-Fi smart plug that fits everywhere

Shelly Bulb

Arrange your room’s color and brightness

Shelly Vintage

A smart, antique-designed bulb

Shelly Duo

Have a brighter and more colorful home

Shelly Button1

Control everything with just a click

USB Powered UVC LED Strip

Reliable and portable disinfection solution

Shelly Motion

Aways connected motion sensor

Shelly H&T

Wi-Fi humidity & temperature sensor

Shelly Flood

Water and temperature sensor

Shelly Door/Window 2

Includes an integrated LUX sensor

Shelly Gas

Your home guardian against invisible threat

Shelly Smoke

Smoke sensor with a variety of functions

Shelly Button

Make your Shelly experience better

USB Power supply for Shelly H&T

DC Power supply for your Shelly H&T

Temperature Add-On

Temperature Sensor Addon for Shelly 1/1PM

Current Transformer