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Shelly Cloud Application

Enjoy enhanced home automation control and precise monitoring of your Shelly devices no matter where you are with Shelly Cloud App. Now with new and fresh design, modern look and feel, improved and customer friendly navigation, and Bluetooth device inclusion!

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Enhanced home automation and control

Shelly Cloud App will help you control your home automation devices remotely and will send notifications for all automated events in your home. Use Shelly Cloud to create custom schedules or smart timers for automatic actions based on specific time or event. You can easily configure devices and manage the settings of every device individually or you can create highly personalized scenes by combining Shelly devices to trigger certain actions in your home automation. Shelly Cloud App allows you to build complex automation solutions for improved energy and operational efficiency. All of this - at the tip of your fingers!

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Custom Schedules
Smart Timers
Real-time notifications
Personalized scenes
Energy monitoring
Remote control

Customizable home screen and rooms

Customize your home screen and have quick access to all rooms in your house. Get quick information for the conditions in each room extracted by the devices in it. You can get insights and control each room as a group of devices, or individually manage each device in it.

It is entirely up to you!

Highly compatible devices

Shelly devices are compatible with other most widely accepted both local and cloud based home automation platforms. Having a Shelly user account is necessary to include your Shelly devices to home automation platforms like Google Home or Alexa.