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Shelly TRV

Live comfortably and save money!

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Enjoy highly efficient heating management and save on energy bills!

Shelly TRV is enhanced with a rechargeable battery with 2 years* of battery life! You can replace your old thermostatic valve with Shelly TRV in less than 5 minutes on any number of radiators in your home and be able to control them no matter where you are.
Set Shelly TRV to activate custom scenes based on hour, temperature, or various actions, and make sure you and your family will always enjoy enhanced heating control!
*Based on 5 months heating season.

Efficient heating management while relaxing


Wi-Fi operated

Shelly TRV connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network. No hub needed!

Long battery life

Up to 2 years of battery life, based on 5 months heating season.

Rechargeable battery

Shelly TRV is equipped with fully rechargeable battery.

Precise temperature measurement

Stay informed about the temperature of your radiators no matter where you are!

Wide range of temperature control

Set your room temperature in the range of 5°C to 30°C.

Quick Profiles

Set profiles and quickly switch between pre-defined settings and schedules.

Custom schedules

Set schedules based on your agenda and make sure you always come home to a cozy house.

Custom scenes

Set custom scenes by combining Shelly TRV with your other Shelly devices.

External temperature sensor support

Connect Shelly H&T or other external Wi-Fi sensor for precise temperature measurement.

Control your boiler or pump

Control your boiler/pump automatically to save energy.

Advanced design
with the smallest details in mind

Shelly TRV's unique design and advanced heating control technology make it the perfect addition to your home! For your and your family's convenience, we also added a LED display and touch-sensitive buttons for setting quick adjustments.

Long battery life

Shelly TRV has 6500 mAh rechargeable battery with up to 2 years of battery life. The smart valve is enhanced with USB-C port for fast recharge in approximately 5 hours.

Up to 2 years

Based on approx. 5 months heating season

Smart profiles for enhanced energy efficiency

Shelly TRV supports 5 profiles with 6 temperature points to each of them. You can set custom settings and control separately for each profile to ensure efficient heating usage. When traveling with your family, switch to the “Holiday” profile. Shelly TRV will keep the heating to a minimum level and save energy while nobody is at home. Set the “Holiday” profile to switch off a day before your return and Shelly TRV will increase the heating levels to their pre-set standard degrees, so that you come home to a cozy atmosphere.

Save on heating costs

Don’t let your heating costs grow! Monitor the temperature and adjust the settings of each radiator separately or as a group, no matter where you are. Set Shelly TRV to maintain a lower heating level in the kitchen while you are asleep and increase it an hour before you wake up, so that the room is warm and ready for your family’s breakfast!

Set smart schedules

Set smart schedules

Ensure the efficiency of your heating system! Set your Shelly TRV to maintain different levels of heating according to the hour of the day. With smart scheduling functions, you can set lower levels of heating during working hours of the day. And when you get home? You will come to a cozy and warm house because Shelly TRV will increase the level of heating an hour before you come back from work!

Remote control

Remote control

And if you get stuck in the traffic? No need to worry that the heating hours will go to waste! Just get on your smartphone and ask Shelly TRV to postpone the heating increase for several minutes or hours.

Connect Shelly TRV with your
smart home

Reveal the full potential of Shelly TRV
by combining it with other devices from your home network!

Don’t let your heating go to waste!

Set Shelly TRV to turn off the heating when Shelly Door/Window2 sensor detects that a window in the room is left open for more than 3 minutes. Then have it automatically increase the room temperature levels once the window is closed.

Shelly TRV



Shelly D/W 2

Adjust the right heat with precise temperature measurement.

Easily keep track of the temperature fluctuations and maintain comfortable levels of heat at home. Each radiator thermostat can measure with full precision the temperature around the radiator, but might have slight deviations in measuring distant parts of bigger rooms. Connect Shelly TRV to Shelly H&T or another external Wi-Fi sensor to get exact temperature measurements for the whole house and automatically adjust the flow of heat accordingly.

Shelly TRV


Shelly H&T

Heating, but only when necessary!

No need to keep the heating levels high in rooms that you rarely use! Instead, you can set optimum temperature and adjust Shelly TRV to increase the heating levels once Shelly Motion sensor detects movement in the room over a set period of time.

Shelly TRV


Shelly Motion

Shelly Motion

Boiler and heat pump control.

If you have a boiler or water pump, all ShellyTRVs in your home can work together operating these appliances through Shelly relays using HTTP commands or scenes.

For example: If the Shelly TRVs in all rooms in your home are fully closed, the boiler and pump can be switched off. However, if even one Shelly TRV opens, it can switch your boiler and pump back on. This way Shelly TRV will help you significantly decrease the energy used for heating and save you money.

Shelly TRV


Shelly Relays

Install Shelly TRV in 4 easy steps

Shelly TRV works with almost all radiator types thanks to the thermostatic head adapters that come within the set. Once set up, it connects directly to your Wi-Fi network and can be easily added to your home automation system.

Shelly TRV mounting on radiator step 1

Step 1

Remove your existing thermostatic valve of your radiator.

Step 2

If needed, use one of adaptors included in the package.

Step 3

Mount Shelly TRV on the radiator.

Step 4

Connect Shelly TRV to your home Wi-Fi network and operate it through Shelly Cloud application.

Highly compatible

Use your preferred voice assistant to control Shelly TRV!

Add Shelly TRV to your voice assistant as Room Thermostat. Make quick changes and adjust settings using your voice!

TRV Google speaking TRV Alexa speaking
TRV Google speaking TRV Alexa speaking

No hub required

Shelly TRV can be controlled directly and without a hub through your smartphone with Shelly Cloud
App. Manage and control the heating in your home, set quick profiles, scenes, schedules, and adjust settings wherever you are through the Cloud access, or only on the local network!

Get Shelly Cloud App. Available for iOS and Android.

Supported platforms

Use devices with your one local or centralized server - you can keep them fully isolated from public Internet network. Shelly TRV is compatible out of the box with Home Assistant. All other home automation solutions can monitor and control Shelly TRV using REST, MQTT, and CoAP protocols. Shelly devices can also be grouped with all Shelly devices, as well as other smart home devices on the home network.