Next-Generation Wi-Fi Wall Dimmer

Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer USĀ 

Next Generation Lighting Control with UL-certified Wi-Fi Wall Dimmer from Shelly

With sleek styling and an intuitive touch slider for dimming and brightening, the new Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer US is UL-certified and functions as a standalone device or integrated into virtually any control or automation platform connected directly to Wi-Fi.

Simple 4-wire design, with quick Bluetooth inclusion and automatic calibration, Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer US saves integrators valuable time and eliminates complexity in the smart home installation process.


Wi-Fi connected

Connect Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required!


Add devices quickly and easily via Bluetooth connection using the Shelly Cloud App.

Timers and schedules

Automatically follow the sunrise and sunset and control your lighting accordingly

“Night mode” dimming

Set the maximum light levels during sleeping hours

JavaScript editor

For customized and complex automation

Extremely fast processor

For immediate command execution and notification

Automatically calibrated

Allows adjustment of the distance and the movement to which the sensor reacts.


Receive notification in case someone is trying to dislocate it.

Use Shelly Wall Dimmer to assist you in your Smart Home

Lights that follow any schedule

Set smart scenes based on a particular hour or sunset/sunrise with Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer! That way, they can set the lights in the hallway to switch on and increase the level of brightness as the sunset hour approaches.

Shelly Pro 2PM Lights On Shelly Pro 2PM Lights Off animation trigger
Shelly Wall Dimmer - Smart timers for maximum comfort Shelly Wall Dimmer - Smart timers for maximum comfort animation trigger

Smart timers for maximum comfort

Many kids prefer to fall asleep with the lights turned on. Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer supports auto-on/off timers that allow customers to set the lights to begin dimming on several stages before they switch off completely. That way, the little one will be comfortably asleep, and no energy will go to waste!

Scripting for enhanced automation

Don’t lose the bright light at home when the weather is gloomy and rainy! Thanks to its scripting functionalities, Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer can be adjusted to follow the weather conditions and switch on the lights in your home earlier on rainy days, slowly increasing the brightness as the afternoon turns into the evening.

Shelly Wall Dimmer - Scripting functionalities for enhanced automation Shelly Wall Dimmer - Scripting functionalities for enhanced automation animation trigger

Intuitive Night Mode

Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer supports "Night Mode, " allowing you to set a brightness level for your lights after a certain hour. That way, you don't have to worry about disturbing the rest of the family when they wake up at night. However, the "Night mode" regime will not dim the lights before the Wall Dimmer is switched off, ensuring you're not disturbed if you've decided to stay up late or gather guests.

No lights left switched on!

Never worry if you have forgotten a light at home switched on before leaving for work or a family vacation. Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer can be controlled from anywhere around the globe!

With thought to the smallest details

Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer is highly adjustable to provide maximum comfort. The app settings allow customization of the LED light behind the “Power on/off” indicator on the devices.

If you are sensitive to light indications at night, you can completely switch off the LED signal light so it doesn’t disturb you while falling asleep.

Shelly Pro 2PM Lights On Shelly Pro 2PM Lights Off animation trigger

Highly compatible

Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android, and more. With the help of voice assistants, you can command only with your voice without even having a smartphone.

No hub required

Shelly Motion2 can be controlled directly and without a hub through your smartphone with Shelly Cloud
App. Manage and control the heating in your home, set quick profiles, scenes, schedules, and adjust settings wherever you are through the Cloud access, or only on the local network!

Get Shelly Cloud App. Available for iOS and Android.

Supported platforms

Use devices with your one local or centralized server - you can keep them fully isolated from public Internet network. Shelly Plus 2PM is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Home Assistant, Smart Things and other 3rd party home automation platforms. Shelly Plus devices can also be grouped with all Shelly devices, as well as other smart home devices on the home network.