Next Generation Shelly

Enjoy supreme home automation and control with the new generation Shelly devices - Shelly Plus!

Shelly smart relays now come with perfected electrical appliances control through an extremely fast processor, quicker connectivity, improved integration, and enhanced safety! You can now add devices easily via Bluetooth connection, using Shelly Cloud App. Shelly Plus line supports TLS encryption and has an improved shell for standardized support for external sensor plugs.

Extremely fast processor
Bluetooth connectivity
Improved integration
Enhanced safety

New and improved shell

Shelly Plus line comes in a unified and improved form. Plus line devices’ small dimensions allow you to easily fit them behind any wall switch or wall socket, and are fully retrofit. Each Plus line device comes with a wiring diagram printed on its shell to ensure safe and easy installation.

Shelly Plus frame

Improved API interface

Standardized RPC

Lower implementation cost

Improved integration

Create the smart home of your dreams even easier with Shelly Plus line thanks to an improved API interface and standardized RPC, allowing a broad range of cloud-connected and local integrations for a much lower cost for implementation! Now, you can extend your Shelly devices functionalities and customize your smart home automation with a specific integration even faster thanks to Shelly Plus’ scripting support for enhanced flexibility.

Enhanced safety & security

Safety is our top priority! That is why we made sure that Shelly Plus line has enhanced safety by adding temperature sensing software thresholds for control and prevention of failures. Devices' firmware now supports more encryption modes and secure storage. To improve security, we supplemented MQTT and WSS support, as well as custom certificates support for a broad range of use cases. You can now use devices with your one local or a centralized server, keeping them fully isolated from the public Internet.

Overtemperature protection

Failures prevention

MQTT and WSS support

Shelly Plus line features

Enjoy perfected home automation experience thanks to highly customizable features.


Shelly Plus devices can notify or control another compatible equipment or 3rd party automation system.

Scripting for custom

Get enhanced functionalities and additional processes settings for a specific integration or function you have in mind.

Weekly scheduling

Create a home automation that follows your schedule! Shelly Plus allows you to quickly set actions based on your daily or weekly schedule.

Smart actions for
dynamic control

Set Shelly Plus devices to switch on/off the power, based on the Sunset/Sunrise hour and enjoy dynamic control depending on the season.

Energy Efficiency

Many homes and buildings use more energy than they need. That leads to inefficiencies, energy waste, and eventually increased monthly bills.
Shelly home and facility automation solutions can help you reduce the energy waste and your monthly bills by up to 30% through a 3-step cycle of energy efficiency.

monitor and save icon white-small
energy saving diagram

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