Wi-Fi Motion Sensor with temperature detection and over 1 year of battery life

Shelly Motion2

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Unique technology and enhanced sensitivity

Shelly Motion2 Sensor is powered by Silicon Labs Wi -Fi IoT solutions and equipped with the world’s lowest power-consuming Wi-Fi modem in mass production. We enhanced its sensitivity by adding a temperature sensor to achieve the ultimate home automation experience.

Improved design

Shelly Motion2 will compliment every home interior with sleek contemporary design and tiny dimensions.

The flexible yet secure holder will allow you to adjust the position of the sensor according to your preferences. And if you don’t want to mount it on your wall?

Don’t worry! Shelly Motion2 can stand independently and be moved anywhere you want.


Wi-Fi operated

Connect Shelly Motion2 to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required!

Over 1 year battery life

Count on a long-lasting 6500 mAh rechargeable battery.

Light sensor

Highly sensitive light detection for actions based on the intensity of light.

Temperature sensor

Added temperature sensor for ultimate home automation experience.

Powerful CPU

Equipped with the lowest power-consuming Wi-Fi modem in mass production in the world.

Real time response

Response in less than 200 ms and immediate action trigger to another device.

256 levels of sensitivity

Allows adjustment of the distance and the movement to which the sensor reacts.

Tamper detection

Receive notification in case someone is trying to dislocate it.

Ultra Long Battery Life

Shelly Motion2 has a 6500 mAh rechargeable battery with a type- C charger. The life of the battery depends entirely on the usage. Installed in a space with regular motion activity – such as the family living room or kitchen – the battery life will be over 1 year. However, in Stand-by mode, the sensor’s battery life can go up to 3 years.

Over 1 year

with regular home usage,
6 hours/day motion detection

Up to 3 years

Wi-Fi connected,
on stand by mode

Blink of an eye fast response

Shelly Motion2 detects motion in less than 200 milliseconds – as fast as a blink of an eye!
And immediately triggers an action such as turning on the lights.

Compatible with other devices

Shelly Motion2 can trigger other smart devices in your home network and customize the actions based on hour, light, or various actions.

Honest.  Wholesome.  Quality

Allow Shelly Motion2 to assist you in your daily routine

The perfect morning routine

The moment you wake up, Shelly Motion2 will trigger the automated blinds in your bedroom to open, allowing you to welcome the morning sunshine!

No light energy wasted

When you leave for work in the morning, Shelly Motion2 will ensure that all lights switch off once the house is empty and no motion is detected, ensuring that no energy will go to waste!

Stay in touch with your home

Stay aware of the state of your home, no matter where you are! If motion or vibration is detected during the working hours of the day, Shelly Motion2 will send you an immediate notification.

Don’t let the heat inside

If the temperature in your home increases due to the afternoon heat waves in the summer, Shelly Motion2 will shut down the blinds to prevent the heat from entering.

Come home to a welcoming house

Stay aware of the state of your home, no matter where you are! If motion or vibration is detected during the working hours of the day, Shelly Motion2 will send you an immediate notification.

Shelly Motion outdoor lights

Light-sensitive outdoor lamps

Shelly Motion2 light sensor allows dynamic adjustment of the brightness levels. With the natural light fading into the night, the outside lamps will increase the lighting levels to illuminate the space around the building.


Smart scheduling for perfect lighting

Don’t wake up your family during your night-time snack! Use Shelly Motion2 and Shelly Dimmer2 smart scheduling options to dimly on the lights at late hours. That way, it will not irritate your eyes or wake your loved ones.

256 levels of sensitivity

256 levels of sensitivity will allow you to adjust incredibly precisely the distance and the movement to which the sensor reacts.

Easily adjust the sensitivity levels through the app wherever you are.

Extended range and Improved performance

Shelly Motion2 can catch motion up to 9 meters away and cover up to 120 degrees angle.

Motion2 wide range

Tamper Detection

Install Shelly Motion2, and rest assured that it will immediately inform you if someone touches the device or tries to dislocate or move it from its initial position.

No hub required

Shelly Motion2 can be controlled directly and without a hub through your smartphone with Shelly Cloud
App. Manage and control the heating in your home, set quick profiles, scenes, schedules, and adjust settings wherever you are through the Cloud access, or only on the local network!

Get Shelly Cloud App. Available for iOS and Android.

Supported platforms

Use devices with your one local or centralized server - you can keep them fully isolated from public Internet network. Shelly Motion2 is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Home Assistant, Smart Things and other 3rd party home automation platforms. Shelly Plus devices can also be grouped with all Shelly devices, as well as other smart home devices on the home network.