The 9000h life of LEDs make the strips a long-lasting and reliable disinfection solution.

36000 uW/cm2 radiation power

UV-C light is dangerous for humans.
Don’t expose food or artificial fabrics to it.

USB powered

The UV-C LED strip is connected via a USB for constant power supply.

Safety switch

Integrated safety switch for wires or wireless control for remote switch On/Off switching.

Why UV-C LED strip disinfection?

UV-C LED light has shown great effectiveness in sterilizing and disinfecting objects and surfaces as it disrupts the DNA of viruses and bacteria, preventing them from multiplying and causing disease. UV-C LED strips are a reliable and portable disinfection solution that allows you to disinfect almost anything. They can be put in any cabinet, fridge, or small room.

Safety first

UV-C rays are harmful for the human eye and body. That is why we integrated a safety switch for wires or wireless control, so you can activate the strip remotely, eliminating the need for being in the room or wearing special equipment for protection. You can also add a Shelly1 to your UV-C LED strip to easily control its working time and switch it On/Off from anywhere.