No HUB required – Connect Shelly 1PM directly to your Wi-Fi at home.

Control remotely

Control the lighting at home, no matter where you are. No more lights left on and coming home in darkness.

Highly compatible

Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Control your appliances with your voice.

Wide range of voltage support

Shelly 1PM can be used to control a wide range of devices and appliances.

Sunrise/Sunset schedules

Automatically follow the sun and turn Shelly on/off based on sunrise and sunset hours.

Weekly schedules

Create custom daily schedules for your devices.

Overheating protection

Internal temperature sensor for overheating protection.

Power metering

Precise monitoring of your appliances power consumption.

Why Shelly 1PM

Consumption history, anywhere, at anytime.
We developed Shelly 1PM to allow you to monitor the status and history, as well as the current and past electrical power consumption for the day, week, month or year.

Small size full of functionalities

Intelligently designed to fit in most standard electrical boxes and switches. Shelly 1PM is smaller than two cookies stacked together.

Energy Efficiency

Many homes and buildings use more energy than they need. That leads to inefficiencies, energy waste, and eventually increased monthly bills.
Shelly home and facility automation solutions can help you reduce the energy waste and your monthly bills by up to 30% through a 3-step cycle of energy efficiency.

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energy saving diagram

For Developers

Shelly 1PM comes with a programming/debug header which can be used to flash alternative firmware on the device. It has an ESP8266 inside, with a 2MB flash chip. A USB-to-UART adapter is needed as well as a reliable 3.3V with at least 350 mA drive capability.

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