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Can I use a dimming-knob as “SW” input to Shelly devices? No, we do not advise this. The only thing that should be connected is an ON/OFF switch or a pushbutton, between the “SW” and “L” inputs. A dimmer connected to the “SW” input would not allow dimming as the Shelly products use relays or MOSFET transistors to respectively turn ON/OFF and dim.
Which Shelly products allow dimming? The Shelly products that allow dimming are Shelly Dimmer2 for 110-220V AC lights and RGBW2 for 12V-24V DC loads.
How Shelly battery-powered devices work? All Shelly battery-powered devices are at all times in sleep mode. They have a secondary ultra-low-power processor that is measuring the sensors, the battery, and the buttons. In the event of a change in any of the indicators, this processor wakes up the main CPU to transmit the information over the Wi-Fi network.
Which Shelly products measure power? The Shelly devices that support power measurement are: Shelly 1PM and Shelly Plus 1PM Shelly 2.5 Shelly Pro Series devices Shelly EM Shelly 3EM Shelly Dimmer 2 Shelly RGBW2 Shelly Plug, Shelly Plus S, Shelly Plus US Shelly Bulbs – Duo, RGBW, Vintage
How long do the batteries last in Shelly products that use them? The battery life of each battery-operated device is stated on its dedicated product page. Each device’s battery life is estimated based on its “out of the box” setting. Customized settings might extend or shorten the battery life.
I have a wind sensor attached to the roller shutter. Would it work with Shelly 2.5? Shelly 2.5 has roller shutter management and can control the shutter’s engine. Additional sensors (for example: wind sensor) would not work.
What product do I need for garage/gate doors ? Shelly 1 or Shelly Plus 1 is most suitable for use in such configurations. Depending on the motor you might need two devices for each position.
Can I monitor the Open/Close status when controlling the garage door? Yes. For this purpose you need a reed switch connected to “SW” input or to Shelly 1 temperature Add-On.
I have worries that my devices are getting to high temperatures. What can I do? The maximum ambient temperature is 40 degrees. With no load, PCB temperature is 55-60 degrees. Heating protection will switch off the device at 95 degrees.
Can I monitor a solar panel? Yes, that is possible with Shelly EM/3EM.
Can I use different phase/voltage on L1-L4 or S1-S4 on Shelly Pro 4PM? That is not possible, connecting different phase/voltage to device will harm it immediately.
I have a sprinkler system. What device is required for automating it? Shelly 1 or RGBW2 are capable for such configuration.
Can I use 50A clamp for Shelly 3EM? The device works only with 120A CTs and each transformer is calibrated for the specific device port.
Can I use another brand CTs for Shelly EM/3EM? We do not recommend using different brands.
What is the difference between Shelly Plug and Shelly Plug S? Shelly Plug has 16A relay, while Shelly Plug S has 12A relay with internal temperature sensor checking for the PCB temperature.
What is the power consumption of the Shelly devices themselves? It is less than 1W when the relay is on.
Can I control the NG devices through Bluetooth? No, the protocol is used only for device inclusion.
Is it possible to control 2 devices together, when there is no physical connection between them? It is possible to control the devices together through HTTP commands – or through app scenes
I see wrong measurement from Shelly EM/3EM. What should I do? Most often the reason for wrong measurements are wrong wiring. Double-check the wiring and make sure the CT transformers are installed in the correct position.
I have an Air Conditioner. Can I use some of the Shelly relays to turn on/off them remotely? We do not recommend using relays to switch on/off directly the power supply of the AirConditioner.
I want to control a load above 16A and monitor his consumption. What device should I use? Our recommendation is to use Shelly EM/3EM with external contactor relay.
My Shelly 1/1PM/2.5 is restarting when switching on inductive load – such as fans, motors, roller. What should I do? To avoid that a RC snubber should be wired between Output and Neutral of the circuit. Еnergy absorbing circuits are used to suppress the voltage spikes caused by the circuit’s inductance when a switch, electrical or mechanical, opens.
For which Shelly devices can I use Shelly Bypass? The product is compatible with Shelly 1L and Dimmer 2.
Can I extend the cables from Shelly Add-On / CT transformers? There is no problem to extend the cables.
Can I use Shelly sensors outside? Our sensor devices cannot be installed outside because they are not protected from moisture/dust.
Can I use Shelly Dimmer 2 with Shelly Button accessory? Yes, the device will fit into the Shelly Button case.
Is it possible to use external power supply for Shelly H&T? Shelly H&T can be powered with battery or with MicroUSB cable only after the USB addon accessory is attached to the device.
What can I use the temperature Add-On for? The temperature addon is useful for heating automations (when you connect DS18B20 sensor or DHT22 ), water temperature monitoring (DS18B20) or for monitoring the open/close status for your garage door by connecting reed switch to the addon.
Is it possible to control devices with HTTP commands when temporary there is no internet access? Yes, it is possible. The commands are sent locally and they work even when there is no internet access.
What will happen if my internet drops? Will my Shelly EM/3EM continue to report the energy? Yes, the device is reporting the energy usage all the time in his internal memory in case a Wi-Fi connection is not available. The data can be downloaded at any time in .csv format.
Can I change the status period update? The send status period is set on 12H and cannot be changed. The device will still wake up if there are configured temperature or humidity thresholds.
Can I use rechargable batteries 3.7V CR123A for Shelly H&T/Shelly Flood? The voltage rate of batteries needs to be exactly 3V. Using higher voltage will damage the device.
How to use Shelly devices without internet? It is possible to control Shelly devices without internet, but you need to configure own SNTP server, from where they can obtain information about the time.
I am not able to connect to Shelly network. What should I do?  Perform factory reset and make sure that there is no device around you with enabled auto-connection to this Shelly network.
Calibration on Shelly 2.5 is not working. Where is the problem? Make sure that the engine is AC and you see its power consumption. You can use one Shelly device per shutter. If calibration fails again, use the Shelly Cloud app to increase the Open/Close time to 120s each.
How can I enable the MQTT feature? You need to check what is Shelly’s IP address. Then type it in your browser to access the local server of the device. Then enable the advanced developer settings.
Why my Smart bulbs are not switching ON with configured “Night mode” after turning them ON via switch? To obtain the current time and to be able to apply “Night Mode” pre-set brightness limit, Shelly Bulb Duo/RGBW or Shelly Vintage Bulbs need to be constantly turned on.
Can I send HTTPS commands with New Generation devices? Yes, the new generation devices (Shelly Plus and Shelly Pro series) support HTTP/HTTPS actions.
Can I send HTTPS commands with Old generation devices? No, it is not possible.
What devices are part of New Generation? All products from Shelly Plus line and Shelly Pro line are Next Generation devices.
Can I send HTTP commands to a Shelly device itself? Тhe Shelly devices support “local” action URLs. This allows devices to invoke actions not only on other devices, but on themselves as well. To execute a local action, the action URL should be set with a prefix http://localhost/.
Is it possible to use the temperature Add-On from Old generation devices to the NG devices ? No. The currently available temperature Add-On can be used only for the old generation devices – Shelly 1 and Shelly 1PM.
Does Old Generation devices support MQTTs ? No, old generation devices does not support MQTT with TLS.
Does New Generation devices support MQTTS? Yes, NG devices support MQTTs.
Does Old Generation devices support scripting? No, the scripting is available only in New Generation devices – Shelly Plus and Shelly Pro series.
How many temperature sensors can I connect to AddOn for Shelly 1/1PM? Maximum 3 x DS18B20 temperature sensors can be added or 1 x DHT22 sensor.
If I have a Shelly 1 with an Add-On used for a door sensor (external switch enabled), can I add a temperature sensor on the same add-on? No, the external switch will ground the data line from the sensors.
Can I use any Shelly device to control my ceiling fan? I want to turn it on/off and control the speed. Shelly relays can switch OFF/ON the ceiling fan, but they cannot control the speed of the ceiling fan.
I have purchased Shelly RGBW2 and have noticed an extra item in the packaging. It has a central circuit board covered in heat shrink. What is the purpose for it? Shelly RGBW2 comes with an octocoupler. You can use it in case you want to use a 220V AC switch with the Shelly RGBW2.
I got Shelly UL version – I see on device’s label it can be powered by 30-50V but on documentation is stated 24-60V. What is the correct value? It is written 30-50V DC because UL lab test it 20% under and above the declared consumption. This mean the switch can work from 24-60VDC .
Can I use Shelly devices with Zigbee hub ? Our devices are hub-free and cannot work with hubs. The only way to control 2 different technologies (wi-fi – shelly devices and Zigbee) is using an MQTT broker.
I have not found an answer for my question. What should I do ? Please contact our Technical Support Team by sending an e-mail to or raise a ticket from here –
How to calibrate properly Shelly 3EM with a neutral CT ? – Update the shelly 3EM device to fw 1.12, where the functionality for neutral CT is supported. Then proceed with the following steps:1. Lock N to phase A, don’t unlock A clamp.
2. Choose to calibrate N from A
3. If calibration fails, reverse N and try again.
4. When calibration is successful move N clamp to Neutral wire.
Do I need the cloud to use Shelly Cloud App? We recommend using the cloud for better product expierence. If devices are not cloud enabled, they should be controlled only within the local network.
Can I use the Shelly devices without Shelly Cloud App? Yes. It is possible to control them locally through the embedded web server of the device (access it by typing the IP of the shelly device in browser) or through MQTT broker.
How many entries are stored in the event log? The limit is 100 entries and cannot be changed. Also they cannot be deleted, they are overwritten when the limit is exceeded
My logs are not storred? What can I do? Logs saved are related to the cloud connection. Please make sure that the cloud is enabled from the application.
Shelly device is shown as offline in Cloud Application, but it is powered. What is the problem? Check if you can reach the device through IP. If you can reach it, then there is problem with the cloud connection. To fix that, Refresh/Reboot Shelly app and enable the cloud from there. Alternatively, you can make factory reset and start from scratch.
My device has Wi-Fi periodic connectivity issues. What should I do? Set static IP out of the DHCP range. Pay attention on the RSSI signal. Make sure that you do not have smart features enabled on your router and you are using the best wi-fi channel suitable for you. If problem continues, contact the support for further troubleshooting.
I am not able to add my device to the Cloud. What should I do? Reboot the router and try adding the device again. If device is still not included successfully, check the IP address of Shelly device and type it in the web browser. Then when WebUI is loaded, check in the right corner if Time tab is working. If not, that means that your device does not have internet connection and problem could be in the default gateway, firewall, DNS etc.
How can I Edit/Delete my rooms? This is possible after you click on the Settings button in the right corner of your application and then click on the pencil icon.
I am not able to login in the application with my credentials. What should I do? Set static IP out of the DHCP range. Pay attention to the RSSI signal. Make sure that you do not have smart features enabled on your router and you are using the best wi-fi channel suitable for you. If the problem continues, contact Support for further troubleshooting.
How can I enable the MQTT feature? You need to check what is the device’s IP address. Then type it in your browser to access the local server of the device. Then enable the advanced developer settings.
Where is my consumption history? It does not show in the application? To access the consumption history of your device, it is necessary to be connected to the Cloud.
Is it possible to create a scene on certain channel of my device? The channels of the multi-channel Shelly devices are displayed separately in the application. That is because they are independent of one another and you can create separate scenes for each channel.
How can I share my devices with family members? Under each device there is a “Share” section. Maximum 5 members can be added to each device.
How to control devices from PC? Type: in your browser. You will be able to control your devices through the PC.
Should I pay for the cloud services? No, Shelly’s cloud is free and everyone can use it to control the devices from any location.
How to use MQTT and Cloud in same time for Old generation devices? The old generation devices does not support cloud and mqtt in same time. The only exception is H&T.
I have installed Shelly Door/Window2 sensor, but I do not receive email/phone notifications. What should I do? In order to receive notifications when the state of Door/Window 2 sensor changes, you need to create a scene.
My email/phone notifications are not working. What should I do? To receive email/phone notifications, you need to make a scene and make sure that notifications are enables in the app or the phone settings.
How to add Scenes in Shelly Cloud app? To create a scene, press the button located at the top right of the screen and select “Add Scene” from the drop-down menu. Type the name of the scene and select the room in which this scene will be located. Then select a suitable picture or upload an image from your device.
The scene is divided into 2 main stages:
1) “When” – refers to conditions that must be met to activate the scene. You can add conditions depending on the type of device or time. Shelly Cloud can support many conditions that must be true to fulfill the scene. If you want to add a condition, you have to press the “AND” button.
2) “Do” – refers to the scene that should be activated given the “When” conditions appear.
For example: (When) If Shelly Motion sensor detects motion after 10PM. (Do) Shelly Dimmer will turn on the lights with 50% dimming.If the performance of a scene depends on more than one factor, you can use “OR”.
What does “condition types” mean in Scenes ? There are 3 condition types, used for different purposes – “One time”, “Repeatedly” and “On any change”.
– “One time” – when the pre-set condition has been reached, the scene will be activated only one time. For the scene to be activated again, the “WHEN” condition needs to be repeated. If you additionally insert a time in the “Condition is valid” field, the scene will not start until the “WHEN” state has existed for at least this time.
– “Repeatedly” –  The “WHEN” state is constantly queried every full minute. And all set “DO” actions are also queried every minute if the “WHEN” state is not changed.
– “On any change” – This condition is mainly used for monitoring temperature or power consumption. When that condition type is chosen for the value of X, it will always activate the same scene when pre-set conditions are met.
(WHEN) Shelly EM detects more than 15W, (DO) Send notification.
In this case, every time Shelly EM detects a power consumption of over 15 W ( > 15W ), a scene will be triggered and the device will send a notification to the app, hence the user.
I have not found an answer for my question. What should I do ? Please contact our Technical Support Team by sending an e-mail to or raise a ticket from here –
Can I use HomeKit with Old generation devices? Old generation devices does not support cloud-to-cloud integration, but it is possible to use HomeKit by flashing the devices with 3rd party recommended firmware –
How can I make Shelly device to interact with another brand device? Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Smartthings. If a different brand supports them too, they can interact with each other in merged system.
Do I need cloud connection to use the integrations with Alexa/Google Home/SmartThings? Yes, having cloud connection is a requirement.
Do I need internet connection to use the integrations with Alexa/Google Home/SmartThings? Yes, having internet connection is a requirement.
My routines in Alexa stopped working. What should I do? Simply re-linking your account would fix the problem.
How can I start using Alexa? To get started, open your Alexa app and go to the skills tab. Then in the search field type “Shelly Cloud”, click on it and press “Enable Skill”. When the Shelly Cloud Skill is enabled, you will be redirected automatically to the, from where you have to log in to your account. After you log in, use the voice assistant: “Alexa, search for new devices.” Your Amazon Alexa enabled device will scan for the new Shelly devices.
How can I start using Google Home? You must enable the Shelly Cloud Skill. After doing that you will be redirected automatically to а “Log in” form. Type the credentials of your Shelly Cloud account. After that, your devices would appear.
Can I control roller shutters with Alexa? Yes, Alexa has roller shutter management.
Can I control roller shutters with Google Home? Google Home does not support roller shutters and you would see the device (Shelly 2.5) as a relay. To activate this action, you need to ask the assistant to turn on/off the shutter, instead – to open/close them.
Why can’t I monitor the consumption with Alexa? Alexa does not support power metering. You will see the devices only as a relay, which can be turned on/off.
Why can’t I change white to colour mode from Alexa/Google Home/SmartThings when using RGBW2? The 2 modes are runned on 2 different firmwares. That makes it not possible to switch different modes via voice commands.
How to make Shelly devices trigger Alexa routlines? You can trigger Amazon Alexa routines using any Shelly device. To do that you can choose a device feature and create a scene in Shelly Cloud application.
Detailed video tutorial is available at:
My Voice Assistant stopped sending commands to Shelly devices. What is the problem? A possible problem is the lack of internet or cloud connection. Disable/enable the cloud from the mobile app or return the device in factory reset and start from scratch.
I am using Shelly 1/1PM with temperature Add-On and temperature sensors. I cannot see the temperature in voice assistant apps. Where is the problem? The voice assistant recognizes the device only as a relay and cannot receive information from the sensors. That integration is implemented only in our Shelly Cloud APP, but voice assistants do not support it.
Can I send a command directly from one Shelly unit to another? Yes, it is possible through our DDD API –
Can I use Siri for Old Generation devices? After setting shortcuts with relevant HTTP actions it would be possible to control the devices with Siri Voice Assitant.
Can I send a HTTP command from a Shelly H&T or create a scene to control the second/third/fourth channel of a multi-channel Shelly device? Yes. For detailed clarifications check the guide  –
I have not found an answer for my question. What should I do? Please contact our Technical Support Team by sending an e-mail to or raise a ticket from here –
How much is the delivery cost to my country? To see the cost of delivery to your country, you need to add the desired items to the shopping cart and proceed to CHECKOUT. Once you place your address, our shipping system will calculate the shipping costs automatically.
How will you ship my order? There are 2 shipping methods, which you could choose – Standard International shipping and DHL express (USPS and FedEx for US/Canada).
How can I cancel my order? You can cancel your order from the account in The return of the money would happen automatically.
What is the estimated delivery period for my country? The delivery terms depend on the delivery conditions of the respective courier service performing the delivery therefore they may vary and shall be considered approximate (indicative):
Standard International Shipping usually takes 10 – 25 business days.
DHL Express Delivery (if applicable in the specific territory) usually takes 1 – 3 business days.
The delivery times start from the date of receipt of an e-mail confirming that the order has been dispatched (shipped).
Delivery times may vary caused by customs works.
Please note, that during Festive and Easter times, as well as periods of a big international discount campaigns, such as Black Friday, the courier companies, traditionally, are busier and some orders may be delivered with delay.
I have placed an order, when will it be dispatched? The processing time takes up to 1-7 business days, if all products are available.
My order is still not delivered. What further steps should i take? We recommend to check the tracking number, which you have received in the shipping confirmation on your email with the local post service provider in your country or to check them directly over the phone.
What is EDD? EDD stands for expected dispatching date.
What is a coupon code? A coupon code is a generated code, consisting of letters, numbers, or both that gives consumers a percentage discount, a fixed amount discount, or a free shipping option.
How can I use a coupon code? To use the coupon code the customer needs to fill in the code into the coupon field on the checkout page and click “Submit”. The discount will be deducted from the purchase amount. Coupon codes do not apply to products in promotion or discount.
What document will I receive when the payment is made? Every customer receives an order confirmation on the email used for placing the order with an attached invoice. This document serves as a warranty card and guarantees the payment is made.
I am resident of EU and I have a company. How to deduct VAT? You have to place the correct VAT number in the VAT field while submitting the shipping information details. Once you place your country VAT number, the VAT will be automatically excluded. Alternatively, you can create an account and add your VAT number to your shipping address information. A correctly placed VAT number must contain both letters and digits.
I only see DHL as available shipping method. Where is the standard international shipping method? Orders above 180 Euro are shipped only with DHL due to customers’s safety and reliability on their delivery.
How can I make a payment? There are two payment options  – Paypal or a Bank Card.
What is the benefit from Warranty Plus? “Warranty plus” purchase provides additional warranty coverage, including damages due to improper wiring, incorrect usage, a problem in the electrical installation, or any other circumstance for the first 12 months of purchase.
What is the benefit of creating an account? Having an account in Shelly Shop is highly recommended. The account allows you to track the status of your orders and gives you access to orders history. When logged in Shelly shop account customers are able to cancel orders if those orders are still in the “Processing” stage.
How can I check the status of my order? If you have a Shelly Shop account you can check the status of your orders from the user panel. Tracking information and full orders history are available to all registered users.
If you have placed an order as a Guest, you need to go to the “Support” section on Shelly website and select the “Track your order” option. Then you need to enter the email you used to place the order and the Order ID. You will receive an order status email.
I want to cancel my order. How can I do this? To cancel an order you need to access your account. Go to “Orders List” and click on “View”. In the top right corner, you will see the “CANCEL ORDER” button. When you request cancellation, the money will be automatically returned to your PayPal account. If you chose to pay for your order with a card, it might take a few days until you see the returned transaction.
* Keep in mind that only orders in “Processing” status can be canceled. Once the order is in status “Packing” or “Completed” it cannot be canceled.
I want to change my order. How can I do this? We recommend to cancel the order from your account and to place a new order.
Do I have to pay custom taxes when the shipment reaches my country? If the destination country is not part of the European Union, you will have to pay customs taxes in case the order is above a certain value. For additional information, we advise you to consult with the customs services in your relevant country. However, if you are located in the European Union, you will have no additional charges.
I am not able to login in the shop website. What should I do? Note that the customer accounts for Shelly Shop ( and for the web-based platform for devices control ( are different and independent. So you need to have an account in each of them and make sure you are using the right one.
I have not found an answer for my question. What should I do ? Please contact our Customer Support Team by sending an e-mail to or raise a ticket from here –