UVS LED strip

The fastest way to UVC disinfection



What is UVC LED strip?

The fastest way to UVC disinfection

UV-C LED light has shown great effectiveness in sterilizing and disinfecting objects and surfaces as it disrupts the DNA of viruses and bacteria, preventing them from multiplying and causing disease. UV-C LED strips are a reliable and portable disinfection solution that allows you to disinfect almost anything. They can be put in any cabinet, fridge, or small room.


Power supply AC No
Power supply DC 5V
Power consumption 0.5A
Special functions
UVC Radiant power 36mW
Wave length 262 – 280 nm, Peak 270 nm
Operational temperature -10ºC to +40ºC
Lifetime 9000h
Size 110mm x 25mm x 7mm