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Shelly Motion

Shelly 4pro plus

Shelly Motion

New generation Wi-Fi device, the first one with battery always connected over a year

Brightness sensor

High sensitivity brightness sensor

Excelitas motion sensor

Intelligent and ultra-fast motion sensor

Cortana M3

Ultra low power Cortex M3 and Wi-Fi modem on board by Silicon Labs


Ultra sensitive accelerometer


7000 mAh rechargeable Samsung battery

Smart motion sensor

Real time response less than 200ms

Long battery life

Powerful Cortex M3 CPU

Ultra-low power < 100 uA when always connected

Scheduled scenes

Sunrise/Sunset scenes

Vibration and Earthquake detection

200 sensitivity levels

MQTT, CoAP, REST, Cloud with TLS support

Real time response

In less than 200 milliseconds, Shelly Motion will detect movement, turn on the lights to get you comfortable, and send a motion-detection notification to your phone.

Ultra long battery life

Up to 5 years while constantly connected to Wi-Fi
Up to 3 years in rear motion areas (up to 3 times per day)
Over 1 year in real usage conditions (6 hours of motion per day)

Pet immune

With an integrated AI and more than 200 levels of sensitivity Shelly Motion will not switch on the lights or send a notification while your pet is walking around.

Scheduled and brightness based actions

Don’t wake up your family during your night-time snack! Late at night, Shelly Motion can be set to turn on the lights very dimly, as to not irritate your eyes or wake up your loved one.

Shelly 4 PRO plus

The newest 4-way (4x16A) smart switch


1.8” cosumisable color screen


3 button user interface


4x16A relays


Dual 32 bit CPU with 8MB flash memory


Overheat protection

4 way smart switch

64A under control

Dual 32 bit CPU with 8MB flash memory

WiFi and Bluetooth

Optional LAN connectivity

Store and script editor

Endless functionalities

The next generation Shelly 4Pro

Powerful and versatile

The 4Pro Plus can form Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, allowing you to control it from anywhere in the world! It also includes an on-board 8MB Flash and an ESP32 CPU, as well as optional LAN connectivity!

Easy control

Integrated multifunctional buttons to control relays and change settings.

For Developers

Personalize the functions of your device!

Developers can now write and use their own scripts, utilizing the device's versatility to its full range! This way, Shelly 4Pro Plus offers a possibility for endless functions, even ones that are not included straight out of the box.

Custom script demo