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New added features

Shelly 2.5 – Roller shutter § venetian blinds control

We added 4 favorite positions that the user can remember in the device. They can be used not only for Venetian style blinds, but for any type of curtain or blind. Activation of this option is done in the new menu called Favorites

Shelly Dimmer1 and Dimmer2 – Calibration with ByPass

 The long-awaited Bypass for Dimmer1 and Dimmer2 is now available and can be ordered from
Through it you can dim compatible bulbs with a power of less than 15 watts. In Settings -> Calibration you can choose in addition to the calibration method and an option whether Bypass is set or not. Different bulbs have different requirements, so try which calibration is better, with or without an activated option.


Shelly3EM – HTTP Actions for Total consumption

You can now create an HTTP action to run provided that the total consumption of the three phases is above or below the specified value. You will find the new option in the I / O URL Actions menu under the names


New menu organization for All devices and Special Action executed locally on device

To facilitate the organization of all new features, we changed the names of some menus. Actions are now called I / O URL Actions. For Shelly1 and Shelly1PM devices that have ADD-ON, a new menu appears called Temperature or Humidity Automation. In the new menu you can set parameters for switching the relay off and off at set values of temperature and humidity. Extremely convenient option, because the device will perform these tasks even when there is no Internet or cloud.


Shelly1 – External switch with Add-ON

We added a new extremely useful option for Shelly1 / PM with ADD-ON. The ability to use the Add-On as an additional fully isolated key. You can connect everything that works up to 5V to it. All you have to do is connect a motion sensor, a magnetic contact, a liquid level regulator between the YELLOW and BLACK wires of the Add-ON and you will now receive information when there is or is no contact. You can also have the Shelly1 relay turn pumps, motors or whatever you decide on according to the condition of this switch.
In Shelly APP we have also added the ability to choose what the icon that will be displayed, as well as the ability to create scenes. My first scene was -> If the garage door is open for more than 10 minutes, close it.


Shelly1/PM Add costumer set Offsets for Temperature & Humidity sensors

At the request of Shelly customers, we added an option allowing correction of the measured temperature and humidity of the connected sensors to Add-ON for Shelly1 / PM

Appliance type is Added in settings

In preparation for the next step related to consumption reporting, we added a new setting called Appliance type. This will allow us and MQTT, CoAP users, in the future to create even more detailed statistics on the consumption of different appliances at home.

Shelly HT and Shelly Flood Local actions

Shelly HT and Shelly Flood can now execute HTTP commands according to the temperature. Shelly HT / Flood can control the heating without the need for a cloud or stage. You can find this in the created additional menu.


Shelly Dimmer2 – CoAP light control

Want to control dozens or hundreds of RGBW LED lights at once. That’s why we added an option called CoAp music. Here’s how you can use it:

Enable command: http://IP/settings?coiot_execute_enable=true

Coap commands: The devices listening on this endpoint /cit/e иand expected CoAp code 0x1D with payload:

	"a": 100,                   // command id 
	"i": [
			101,        // id  red brightness
			102,        // id  green brightness
			103,        // id  blue brightness
			104,        // id  white brightness
			105,        // id  gain
			106,        // id  brightness
			107,        // id  transition time
			108         // id  on/off
	"v": [
			%d,         // value red brightness
			%d,	    // value green brightness
			%d,	    // value blue brightness
			%d,	    // value white brightness
			%d,	    // value gain
			%d,	    // value brightness
			%d,	    // value transition time
			%d 	    // value on/off

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Dimmer1 & Dimmer2: Overpower information fixed. The overpower value is visible in interface.
  • Dimmer1 & Dimmer2:Warm-up max time is increased to 1000 ms and logic is improved.
  • Door Sensor 2 (update coming at 25.Nov): Battery consumption significantly improved. Some bug fixed witch cause high standby consumption.
  • Shelly1PM and Shelly2.5: Overpower consumption is changed depend of the power supply voltage (110V or 230V).
  • All devices: Limit device and channel name up to 30 characters.
  • All devices: Auto On/Off logic fixes.
  • Shelly PlugS and Plug: false overpower triggering and  value is fixed.
  • Shelly I3: The timing parameters have a min limit, but max limit is not implemented. Fix as described:
    • longpush duration min [100 – 3000]
    • longpush duration max [200 – 6000]
    • multipush max time between pushes [100 – 1000]
  • Dimmer2:  Rotary switch support is removed by safety reasons – there is no safe rotary switch which can work on 110V-220V
  • Remember source for last command is added for Shelly Dimmer1&2, Shelly Vintage, Shelly Duo, Shelly RGB Bulb, Shelly RGBW2. 
  • Transition time is added to RGBW2
  • Shelly Flood broken request on report_url fixed.
  • Position parameters are missing in MQTT messages of Shelly 2.5 – added
  • RGBW2 crashes on specific http requests – fixed
  • All devices: Wi-Fi re-connection issue which cause short network outage is fixed
  • All devices: Few minor or internal firmware issue are fixed