Shelly’s biggest strength has always been its unmatched community. We learn together and we grow together! All of you – our Shelly customers – have always been my biggest inspiration. In numerous occasions I’ve been inspired by a creativity that knows no limits. And now I invite you to show that once again by taking part of Shelly Smart Home Contest!

Dimitar DimitrovCEO, Allterco

The prizes

All submitted projects will be awarded with a 20 Euro voucher code. And the most creative projects will receive amazing prizes!

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


Special prize announced by Dimitar Dimitrov

Most innovative award by Shelly


* Prizes amount will be given in Shelly Shop vouchers

How to participate?

Create your smart home project

Be creative! Build a unique home automation project with an original idea, using Shelly devices. Show us how our devices can be used to make life easier and more exciting. There are no limitations on the number of Shellies used in your project.

Document it

Take a photo/video or write an article of your project with step-by-step guide for its execution. Upload it on an internet platform where it will be accessible for everyone (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Reddit, DIY home automation platforms, etc.)

Submit your project

Fill in the submission form below, providing us with a direct link to your project.

Submit project

Projects must be submitted no later than 3rd of November 2021.

* Please note that the submitted projects can be executed and published no earlier than 1 May 2020.



All submitted projects will be published on this page with a name, short introduction, and a link to the full project description, provided by its author.

Shelly team will provide a selection of internally pre-selected “Recommended by Shelly” projects.

Visitors will be able to vote for their favorite project though a poll in this web page. Only 1 vote per person will be allowed.

Got an idea already?

Get the Shelly devices you need to make it!

Submit your project

Frequently asked questions

1. With how many projects can I participate in Shelly Smart Home Contest 2021?

Each contestant is allowed to participate with total of 2 projects.

2. When is the project submission deadline?

All projects must be submitted until 3rd of November 2021 (including).

3. On what platform should I upload my project/s?

The projects must be uploaded on an internet platform where they will be freely accessible for everyone. Contesters can use various social media platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, own blog, Reddit, a chosen DIY home automation platform/forum, or any other platform that allows free access to everyone interested to view.

4. How detailed must my smart home project description be?

The smart home project presentation is entirely up to each contester. The project description must include:

  • The idea behind the submitted smart home automation project
  • Unique use case or the solution it delivers
  • Step by step guides for execution
  • Photos/video of the execution

The more clear and detailed description of the project is provided, the easier it will be for people who vote.

5. In what language should the submitted project be?

Projects in all languages will be accepted. However, submitting projects in contestants’ native language is limiting those projects to the native audience of the contestant. The usage of the English language for the short description section in the submission form is preferable.

6. Can I combine Shelly devices with different brand devices in my smart home project?

Different brand devices can be used in contesters’ smart home projects as long as the project focuses on a special contribution or unique use case of a Shelly device.

7. Can I participate with a project I did a while back?

Contestants are allowed to participate with projects created and published no earlier than 1 May 2020.

8. Can I participate with a project that I submitted for the 2020 edition of Shelly Smart Home Contest?

No, projects that have been submitted for the 2020 edition of Shelly Smart Home Contest are not allowed and will not be included in the final voting.

9. Can I vote for more than 1 project?

No, only one vote per person will be allowed.

10. How will the “Recommended by Shelly” projects be selected?

The “Recommended by Shelly” projects will be pre-selected by an internal jury, lead by Allterco CEO Dimitar Dimitrov. They will be judged based on several criteria:

  • Original/Creative idea
  • Clean implementation
  • Excellent project documentation
  • Clear step-by-step project guides

11. If I submit a project, when will I receive my voucher code for 20 Euro?

All winners prizes and participants voucher codes will be given after the winners announcements on 15 November 2021.

12. What is the validity of the voucher coupons and are there any limitations?

All voucher coupons will be valid until 31st March 2022. The voucher coupons are not valid and cannot be used during promotional campaigns, as well as in respect of purchasing discounted products and cannot be combined with other coupons.

Have any additional questions?

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