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Shelly 2 provides complete Smart Home Automation solution for your apartment, house or office and helps significantly reduce electricity usage and cost, without changing the existing wiring or purchasing expensive and difficult to operate hardware.

Shelly 2 is extremely compact and can fit in variety of electrical consoles.

Shelly 2 does not need any home automation controllers.

The Shelly 4Pro series allows builders to offer automation of new or renovated homes without increasing the investment in electricаl wiring. In addition, the series needs 20% less cables for the home wiring.

The device Shelly 4Pro is designed to manage electrical appliances and sockets.

Shelly Pro Light – manages lighting, as it makes possible not only the remote switching of lights via smart phone but also dimming.

Shelly 2 and Shelly 4Pro are Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT.com compatible. That makes both devices dirigible with voice commands.